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June 25, 2018

Castles in the Sky

Santa Barbara County has many secrets. This enchanting place is one of them. These stone castle ruins look out over part of the Santa Ynez Valley housing Lake Cachuma. Known as Knapps Castle, this mansion was originally built in 1916, then destroyed in 1940 by a forest fire leaving behind massive sandstone foundations, fireplace pillars and walls of the original seven structures. It was so fun to capture Jayne and her friend Corina of Wild and Free Jewelry. We had the best time adventuring and laughing as the sun set across the valley.

Castles In The Sky
By Joshua Swanson

Do you ever wonder why, 
Do we build castles in the sky? 
And yet regret our days gone by, 
With nothing to show, 
But castles in the sky? 

Do you ever think and ponder? 
Do you ever dream and wonder? 
And fail to act, and wonder why, 
You have nothing left, 
But castles in the sky? 

Do you wish you could live it again? 
Do you ever regret what you chose, and when? 
And do you ever think, if only I, 
Had never built those castles, 
Those castles in the sky? 



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